Retarded ME

u know
I really sick of LOOKING retarded in my picture
I am pretty sure lotsa ppl will said that I always ACTING like a retarded
but ACTING and LOOKING are different
sometime u juz wanna to have a sense of humour in photo so u give lotsa awkward expression till ur mum also cant recognize but,
sometime u juz wanna to have a really "impressive" photo and u imagine how u going to look like but eventually get a punch on face when u look at the photo taken and say WTF  

sometime, u juz get captured in the middle of something and pissed u off where u look extremely like her

AND sometime I am sure u want to look as smart as this guy below
with perfect angle, perfect gesture and perfect expression...

but tragedy happens and here comes the photo... which will drop ur jaw!
see how stupid I was  >_<!!!

of cause
sometime it is too boring to have the same smile and same expression over and over again even if u are that handsome or that pretty#@$%^&*()

there is no point for u to shoot 100 of pictures in different outfits and sceneries, but giving ONLY one look
then what is the different of shooting u and shooting a mannequin?
u gotta spice up ur shot!
(and outshine others in the photo woohoo! and I'm good with it... LOL)


I got this granny weave sweater on me, really awkward dun u think?

I used to HATE this hairstyle a lot when I was in NZ! the 阿旺hairstyle which retarded me
but I think its kinda cute right now HAHAHA

HAHAHA this looks retarded too..
So CIAO everybody!
good luck in all ur photo shooting experiences!


I am not a big fan of breakfast like someone else do
Often, I got no appetite to eat early in the morning for some reasons
so this is a main reason I slimed down a lot (I mean ALOT!) after my HK business trip, we woke really early in the morning, like 5am, and breakfast on 630am
and usually the next meal will be on 8pm on the evening already, too busy to have meal FML
Problem occured when I dun feel comfortable eating meal in the morning, so I eat less
Overall, I was just having 1.5 meals a day for a week in HK! trouble~
I am easily feel my rib on my chest now wtf, all my pants are loose on me! heart pain....

I consider myself as a big fan of McD big breakfast though!
I love the combination with lotsa "stuffs", which I can taste different texture in once

McD supreme BIG Breakfast!

Back to the days in NZ, I love McD 5.5Deal where they served a muffin/ a slice of cake with coffee too.
ahhh~~~ I am kinda miss the days when I was in NZ! everything is great there, the weather, the people, sceneries.....
McD 5.5 Deal

a farewell BBQ brunch on my first job in NZ- apple packer in Moana Orchard 

This is very nice serve from Kiwis (NZ citizen), lamb, beef, chicken, pork, sausages, veges and sauces! with a wonderful sun.... a very kiwi style brunch, a meal which I will never forget in the entire journey...

Planning for my next escape already! No money also want travel!

Work it out

Its has been a long time since my last post
not because I am too busy but I am too lazy
to share and to tell EVERYBODY what I am doing 
u know, time passed, and I started to be as low profile as I could
as secretly as I could
so that people wouldn't repeat the same questions over and over again about my current life
and I can live happily ever after AGAIN

I am a lucky one, after a life changing journey in New Zealand, everything went on very smooth when I first arrived at Singapore
I got a job within a month, not a career that people expect me to engage in though, neither myself will ever thought that I am going to be in this industry 
nice working environment, nice managers, nice colleagues. well, though there were still some unsatisfied parts like long working hours, low pay? some bad customers as well, but overall, I am feeling good 
people appreciate my hard works and they pay respect to me

as lucky as I always do, I get a chance to join my company's exhibition team on the latest Hong Kong exhibition even I still consider as a newcomer
but.... I have to say
things doesn't seem to go so well this time cause we are working with boss, GM etc....
and to many people out there, it is a time to show, A SHOW TIME!
show how clever u are, how hardworking u are, and show their seniority toward juniors...

and I started to realize why people always said colleagues can't be friend,  (not all of them of cause)
because they back-step
they scare of the feeling to lose (kiasu)
they want to prove to you that they are alot more intelligent than you so they look down at you and push you down the stair
they are two-faced wtf
finally I see using my very own eye, office politic

of cause, I'm facing a problem which I always give a not so good first impression to my colleagues because of my look wtf! people doubted on my ability to work mostly because I look kiddy... haiz~~~ always.
so I'm not a likeable one in the show, and maybe I am just too slow to catch up their speed so they dun kiss my ass...

It is a wake up call har, perhaps I haven't go far enough to achieve company's expectations and not good enough in handling relationship between colleagues. (yeah, I dun do ass-kissing job) 

one of my seniors told me this on my first day: 
looks like I am not on my A game throughout the show as far

one of my seniors told me this on my last day:
maybe this is your own judgement? I may already screwed up my chance to "perform" this time, yet I am still dedicated to my work and I try all my hardest to make things work, just like what y'all did
I have no regret and I dun think I am that bad
I smiled at that moment, did I felt sad and disappointed? No at all
I got nothing to lose
and I spoke to myself:

and thanks for these words, y'all woke up me

what a pose, Mr. Statue!

photo taken at Wong Dai Xin Temple

Nice hair style Mr. Dragon~