Retarded ME

u know
I really sick of LOOKING retarded in my picture
I am pretty sure lotsa ppl will said that I always ACTING like a retarded
but ACTING and LOOKING are different
sometime u juz wanna to have a sense of humour in photo so u give lotsa awkward expression till ur mum also cant recognize but,
sometime u juz wanna to have a really "impressive" photo and u imagine how u going to look like but eventually get a punch on face when u look at the photo taken and say WTF  

sometime, u juz get captured in the middle of something and pissed u off where u look extremely like her

AND sometime I am sure u want to look as smart as this guy below
with perfect angle, perfect gesture and perfect expression...

but tragedy happens and here comes the photo... which will drop ur jaw!
see how stupid I was  >_<!!!

of cause
sometime it is too boring to have the same smile and same expression over and over again even if u are that handsome or that pretty#@$%^&*()

there is no point for u to shoot 100 of pictures in different outfits and sceneries, but giving ONLY one look
then what is the different of shooting u and shooting a mannequin?
u gotta spice up ur shot!
(and outshine others in the photo woohoo! and I'm good with it... LOL)


I got this granny weave sweater on me, really awkward dun u think?

I used to HATE this hairstyle a lot when I was in NZ! the 阿旺hairstyle which retarded me
but I think its kinda cute right now HAHAHA

HAHAHA this looks retarded too..
So CIAO everybody!
good luck in all ur photo shooting experiences!

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